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Publications of the 3rd Int. Workshop

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Innovative solutions for the cold chain logistic

Chairman: Prof. Dr. R. Stamminger, Bonn


J. Kreyenschmidt (University of Bonn, Germany)


Integration of innovative tools supporting cold-chain-management 
S. Bruckner, V. Raab, J. Kreyenschmidt (University of Bonn, Germany)


UHF-RFID in the food chain - from identification to Smart Labels
R. Jedermann, (University of Bremen, Germany)


Cold Chain in the international flower trade. A life report
M. Kockelkoren, (Orbi Solutions, The Netherlands)


Technology improvements within temperature control measures
A. Guillen, (Escort, New Zealand)


Temperature monitoring

Chairman: Prof. Dr. T. Labuza, USA 


LifeTrack® technology for smart active-label visual and RFID product lifetime monitoring
S. E. Zweig, (CliniSense, USA)


Fully passive sensing concepts for integration in RFID
M. Hoffmann, (TU Ilmenau, Germany)


RF-TTI technology - an efficent tool for online temperature monitoring
T. Gueta-Neyroud, (FreshPoint Quality Assurance Ltd., Israel)


Real time monitoring and control in the cold chain
C. Gabay, (Motorola, Israel)


Models for shelf life prediction and food safety

Chairman: Prof. Dr. P. Taoukis, Greece 


Time to detect for safety based shelf like dating of RTE foods
T. Labuza, (University of Minnesota, USA)


Seafood Spoilage and Safety Predictor (SSSP) version 3 from 2008
P. Dalgaard, (Technical University of Denmark, Denmark)


Sym'Previus, predictive microbiology tools for cold chain management
D. Thuault, (ADRIA, France)


Food quality management in cold chains
R. Akkerman, (Technical University of Denmark, Denmark)


Monitoring food freshness by time temperature indicators 

Chairman: Prof. Dr. D. Haarer, Bayreuth


Chill chain management and shelf life optimization of MAP seabream fillets: a TTI based alternative to FIFO 
P. S. Taoukis, (National Technical University of Athens, Greece)


Application of "Fish Shelf Life Prediction (FSLP)" software for monitoring seafood quality in the cold chain
B. Alfaro, (AZTI-Tecnalia, Spain)


Development of a biological TTI for monitoring temperature control during the cold chain
M. Ellouze, (CRYOLOG S.A., Unité MASQ, France)


What it takes to make it work: the OnVu™ TTI
A. Fuchs, (Ciba Inc., Switzerland)


Food safety linked to chemical contamination through materials: EFSA´s guidelines for active and intelligent packaging and MIGRESIVES EU research programme
A. Feigenbaum, (European Food Safety Authority, Italy)


Rapid methods for food freshness analysis and concepts to prolong shelf life

Chairman: Prof. Dr. B. Kunz, Bonn


Atmobox - The optimal atmosphere for your food
H. Wollersheim, (Delbrouck GmbH, Germany)


Identification of times of freezing and freshness of fish using the SEQUID dielelctric spectrometer
B. Oberheitmann, (Sequid GmbH, Germany)


Potential of porphyrin fluroscence signals to serve as matrix-related Time-Temperature-Indicators in fresh meat production
J. Schneider, (Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering Potsdam-Bornim, Germany)


Rapid and reliable new methods for the detection of bacteria
N. Gollop, (The Volcani Center - Agricultural research organization, Israel)


Optimisation of package and storage systems in private households

Chairman: Dr. A. Feigenbaum, Italy


Operation conditions of refrigerator and freezer in private homes in Europe with relevance to food storage quality
R. Stamminger,  (University of Bonn, Germany)


Innovative storage concepts in private home refrigeration
A. Klingshirn,  (Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances Group, Germany)


Combined oxygen scavenger and oxygen indicator - a method for monitoring the integrity of packages and the functioning of oxygen absorbers
S. Sängerlaub,  (Frauenhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging, Germany)


Risk assessment and modelling food safety  

Chairman: Dr. J. Kreyenschmidt, Bonn


Modelling the impact of composition fluctuations and cold chain on the safe shelf-like of Hungarian meat products food
S. Pércsi, (Campden & Chorleywood, Hungary)


A new risk assessment tool for food safety and cold chain optimization which combines predictive modelling and heat transfer
H. Ben Yaghlene, (Université de Bretagne Occidentale, France)


Experimental determination and modelling of bacterial growth to support a risk assessment in ready-to-cook meals througout the food chain
Z. S. Mejia, (University of Wageningen, Germany)


Predicting growth of Salmonella in fresh pork products
T.B. Hansen, (National Food Institute, Denmark)


Incentive systems for Salmonella control in pork production
G. B. C. Backus, (University of Wageningen, The Netherlands)


Another view on shelf life prediction

Chairman: Dr. P. Dalgaard, Denmark


Protocols for performing shelf like studies in cooling experiments
M. Gudjonsdottir, (MATIS, Iceland)


Temperature monitoring and CFD modelling of a cold storage
B. Margeirsson, (University of Iceland, Iceland)


Stochastic mathematical model for microbial growth in food under variable temperature conditions using the Monte Carlo simulation
R. Gospavic, (Wessex Institute of Technology, Great Britain


Growth of Pseudomonas spp. and Staphyloccoccus spp. in chicken breast under different temperature conditions
C. Prentice, (Federal University of Rio Grande, Brazil)


Modelling the shelf life of fruit depending on pre- harvest and post- harvest conditions
M. Geyer, (Leibniz-Institute for Agricultural Engineering, Potsdam-Bornim, Germany)



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