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Publications of the 2nd Int. Workshop

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Kreyenschmidt, J. & B. Petersen (2006)
Cold Chain-Management

In: Proceedings of the 2nd international Workshop Cold Chain Management 8-9 May 2006
University Bonn, 2006
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Intelligent Packaging Systems

Chairman: Prof. Dr. P. van Beek, Wageningen


Linking keeping quality models and sensor systems to an autonomous transport supervision system (1.464 kb)
R. Jedermann, (University of Bremen, Germany)


Multivariate quality prediction of cod and haddock fillets (474 kb)
Dr. G. Ólafsdóttir, (Icelandic Fisheries Laboratories, Iceland)


Monitoring of the quality of modified atmosphere packaged poultry with intelligent packing systems (419 kb)
Dr. M. Smolander; (Technical Research Centre, Finland)


Application of Time-Temperature-Indicators

Chairman: Prof. Dr. Haarer, Bayreuth


Technical features of a printable TTI label for food products (1.283 kb)
Dr. L. Feiler, (Ciba / Freshpoint, Switzerland)


Development and experimental validation of SMAS - a TTI based chill chain management system (3.165 kb)
Prof. Dr. P. Taoukis, (National Technical University, Greece)


Time-temperature integrators and the cold chain: What is next? (4.159 kb)
Prof. Dr. T. Labuza, (Univ. of Minnesota, USA )


Modeling of Freshness

Chairman: Prof. Dr. H.-P. Helfrich, Bonn


Microbial contamination affecting the atmosphere within modified atmosphere-packages of fresh-cut products (199 kb)
Dr. T. Thiele, (Department of Food Technology, Germany)


Optimizing and maintenance of product quality in supply chains: for whom and who profits (258 kb)
Prof. Dr. O. van Kooten, (Wageningen University, Netherland)


Combining microbial growth models with near real-time temperature monitoring technologies to estimate the shelf life and safety of foods during processing and distribution (5.883 kb)
Prof. Dr. T. McMeekin, (Australian Food Safety Centre of Excellence, Australia)



Monitoring the Cold Chain

Chairman: Dr. J. Kreyenschmidt, Bonn


RFID based monitoring of the coldchain (2.041 kb)
D. Gras, (University of Dortmund; Germany)


Labeling product packages with low-cost secure optical identcodes (672 kb)
N. NiemeyerStein, (Engineering Transportation Consulting, Germany)


Using risk management tools to manage the integrity of the cold chain (529 kb)
Dr. T. Schmitz, (Plato AG, Germany)


Verdict-Logging transport (5.186)
M. Kockelkoren, (Orbi Solutions, Netherland)


Consumer Protection

Chairman: Prof. Dr. R. Stamminger, Bonn


Mapping retail suppliers of pork meat and prevalence of Salmonella in supermarkets and butcher’s shops
Dr. T. Bech Hansen, (The Danish Institute for Food and Veterinary Research, Denmark)


Consumer insight on cooling of perishable goods in Germany (756 kb)
S. Thomas, (Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte; Germany)


What the naked eye couldn’t see: Visualizing the antibacterial effect of the silver-based AlphaSan in refrigerators (2.756 kb)
R. Langerok, (Miliken, Belgium)


Collaborative research: Presentation of the 7th Framework Programme (712 kb)
J. Deppe, (EuroConsult Research & Education, Bonn)

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6th Cold Chain Management-Conference was a great success.
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