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Publications of the 1st Int. Workshop

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Welcome and introduction (592 kb)
Prof. Dr. B. Petersen


User requirements

Chairman: Prof. Dr. B. Kunz, Bonn


The cold chain for perishable products in the air freight (3.689 kb)
R. Kasper (Perishable Center, Germany)


Future oriented vehicle engineering in the food logistic (67 kb)
M. Driesel (Dachser, Germany)


GMP aspects of cold chain management for pharmaceutical products (366 kb)
Dr. H.-J. Krause (Abbott, Germany)


Consumer requirements

Chairman: Prof. Dr. R. Stamminger, Bonn


Power of consumer demand: weak points in consumer behavior (64 kb)
P. Gassmann (Deutscher Hausfrauenbund, Germany)


Increasing shelf-life and reduction of food waste with special cooling appliance features (1.129 kb)
Dr. A. Feinauer (Bosch Siemens, Germany)



Chairman: Prof. Dr. D. Haarer, Bayreuth


Cold chain temperature monitoring: approach and suitable devices (1.134 kb) » Paper (20 kb)
K. H. Romann (3M Laboratories, Germany)


Novel crystal-based time-temperature indicators (1.011 kb)
Prof. Dr. Y. Eichen (Freshpoint, Israel)


Thin film sensors and polytronics for the cold chain management Sensors and micro system technology (81,5 kb)
H.-E. Endres (Fraunhofer-Institut für Zuverlässigkeit und Mikrointe- gration, München, Germany)


Application of TTIs

Chairman: Prof. Dr. Y. Eichen, Haifa


Development of a safety monitoring and assurance system (SMAS) for the management of the food chill chain (744 kb) » Paper (203 kb)
M. C .Giannakourou (National Technical University of Athens, Greece)


Food safety management in the cold chain through "expiration dating" (1.456 kb) » Paper (281 kb)
Dr. T. Labuza (Department of Food Science and Nutrition, University of Minnesota, USA)


Form vision to action, challenge in cold chain management

Chairman: Prof. Dr. B. Petersen, Bonn


The CliniSense "LifeTrack", a programmable electronic time-temperature indicator which precisely matches a product's temperature-stability profile (1.093 kb)
Dr. S. Zweig, (CliniSense Cooperation, USA)


ZUVA: Zeit und Verfallsanzeigen = Time and Decay Indicators (59 kb)
D. Dombrowski (ZUVA, Germany)


Consequences of TTI application in monitoring freshness in the scope of EU-reglementation (53 kb)
P. M. Pastors (FriLLOG, Germany)


Smart tags and software for perishables (496 kb)
T. Myers (Infratab, USA)


Modelling of freshness

Chairman: Prof. Dr. B. Kunz, Bonn


Modelling the gas atmosphere in MAP-headspace as a tool for optimizing fruit and vegetable packages (2.573 kb)
Dr. F. Lippert, (Department of Horticulture, Germany)


Dynamic packages of fresh cut leafy vegetables - a new approach in MAP technology (361 kb)
T. Thiele (Department of Food technology, University Bonn Germany)

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6th Cold Chain Management-Conference was a great success.
Publications and pictures are coming soon ...