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Publications of the 5th Int. Workshop

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Welcome and Introduction
Judith Kreyenschmidt, University Bonn, GER


Optimisation of temperature monitoring in food supply chains

Chairman I: Dr. P. Rönnow, VITSAB Int. AB, SE

Chairman II: Prof. Dr. D. Haarer, University Bayreuth, GER


Cold chain evaluation and management using FRISBEE project prediction tools (view paper)
Petros Taoukis, National Technical University Athens, GR


Verdict ChainView offers transparency in the Supply Chain
Michèl Kockelkoren, Verdict Systems BV, NL


Microbial spoilage of fresh meat
Erik Smit, Top Institute for Food and Nutrition (TIFN), NL


Needs and applications of data loggers for the cold chain
Cyril Winkler, Elpro-Buchs AG, CH


Assessment of TTI application to support cold chain management (view paper)
Sonja Rossaint, University Bonn, GER


Application and validation of a TTI based cold chain management system on shelf life monitoring of frozen seafood
Marianna Giannoglou, National Technical University Athens, GR



Cold chain management in different countries

Chairman: Prof. Dr. F. Jaeger, MKULNV NRW, GER


Aspects of cold chain in Mexican carriers of meat products (view paper)
Ema Maldonado-Simán, Universidad Autónoma Chapingo, MEX


The Current Status and Development of China’s Agricultural Products’ Cold-chain Logistics (view paper)
Wei Wang, University Chengdu, CHN


Cold Chain Management in international food chains
Christian Helms, Cool Chain Group Holding AG, GER



Shelf life optimisation

Chairman: Prof. Dr. P. Taoukis, National Technical University Athens, GR


Assessment of different packaging strategies on the quality and shelf life of poultry meat (view paper)
Ulrike Herbert, University Bonn, GER


PredOxyPack®: How to predict the impact of the cold chain conditions on the oxygen barrier properties of packaging (view paper)
An Vermeulen, Ghent University, BE


Improvement of food quality and safety by intrinsic antimicrobial food contact surfaces (view paper)
Carina Braun, University Bonn, GER



Consumer’s handling of perishable products

Chairman: Prof. Dr. R. Stamminger, University Bonn, GER


Cool storage and handling practices of deli meats by Dutch elderly consumers
Elissavet Gkogka, Wageningen University, NL


Consumer Behaviour Regarding the Storage of Perishable Food (view paper)
Elizabeth B. Goldsmith, Florida State University, US


Wine cooling appliances: What is so special to treat wine more careful as food?
Romy Bloch, Liebherr Hausgeräte GmbH, GER



Shelf life modelling and risk assessment

Chairman: Dr. V.K. Juneja, USDA-Agricultural Research Service, US


A community resource for integrated predictive microbial modelling (PMM-Lab) (view paper)
Matthias Filter, Federal Institute of Risk Assessment, GER


Predictive models to support manufacturers of processed meat in their compliance with EU regulation 2073/2005 (view paper)
An Vermeulen, Ghent University, BE


Correlation between Salmonella and hygiene indicators in the Danish fresh pork chain
Tina Beck Hansen, Technical University Denmark, DK



Innovative methods for monitoring shelf life, food quality and safety

Chairman: Prof. Dr. A. Schieber, University Bonn, GER


Monitoring changes in the volatiles composition of bottled and refrigerated cow milk by PTR-MS (view paper)
Erika Zardin, Fraunhofer IVV, GER


LAMP for food: Novel detection technology for pathogens in the food chain
Panagiotis Karanis, Medical School, University Cologne, GER


Hygiene and Salmonella contamination of pork at slaughter
Søren Aabo, Technical University Denmark, DK



Food waste and resource management

Chairman: Prof. Dr. P. Kaul, HBRS University of Applied Sciences, GER


Appliance Testing for Energy Label Evaluation – Experience with testing cooling appliances from the ATLETE project and the continuation in ATLETE II
Rainer Stamminger, University Bonn, GER


How to reduce energy consumption of built-in refrigerators? (view paper)
Jasmin Geppert, University Bonn, GER


Active Packaging Concepts – Are they able to Reduce Food Waste? (view paper)
Kajetan Müller, Fraunhofer IVV, GER



The Intelligent Container

Chairman I: Dr. Reiner Jedermann, University Bremen, GER

Chairman II: Prof. Dr. W. Lang, University Bremen, GER


The Intelligent Container – An estimation of benefits and costs (view paper)
Marius Veigt, BIBA, University Bremen, GER


Quality traceability from production to retail shelf (view paper)
Patrick Dittmer, BIBA, University Bremen, GER


Controlling the cold chain using trailer telematics and interconnected refrigeration unit (view paper)
Nils Schulte, Cargobull Telematics GmbH, GER


Wireless Freight Supervision using Open Standards (view paper)
Markus Becker, Comnets, University Bremen, GER


Development of a decision support tool for different meat supply chains (view paper)
Miriam Mack, University Bonn, GER


Effect of storage climate on green-life duration of bananas (view paper)
Ulrike Praeger, Leibnitz Institute for Agricultural Engineering, GER


Supervision of transport and ripening of bananas by the Intelligent Container (view paper)
Reiner Jedermann, IMSAS, University Bremen, GER


Empirical airflow pattern determination of refrigerated banana containers using thermal flow sensors (view paper)
Chanaka Lloyd, IMSAS, University Bremen, GER


Ethylene Measurement for Fruit Logistic Processes in a Range of 400 ppbv and below
Steffen Janssen, IMSAS, University Bremen, GER





Predictive Microbiology for Food Safety
Vijay K Juneja, USDA-Agricultural Research Service, US


Energy-efficient refigeration
Friedrich Arnold, Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH, GER





Influence of illimination on oxygen uptake and discolouration of cured boiled sausage (view paper)
Nadine Böhner, Fraunhofer IVV, GER


Use of indicators in intelligent food packaging (view paper)
Ahsen Rayman, Ege University, TR


Radical formation, oxidative deterioration and its prevention by antioxidant active packaging: a case study of meat processed by high pressure processing (view paper)
Tomas Bolumar, German institute of Food Technologies, GER

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6th Cold Chain Management-Conference was a great success.
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