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Cold Chain Management: 5th Int. Workshop
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We are glad that the 5th CCM-Workshop was a great success. We thank the lectures and all participants for their great contribution to our workshop. We hope you enjoyed the time in Bonn and had a good trip home.



5th International Workshop

Cold Chain Management


The next International Workshop "Cold Chain Management" will take place on June 10-11, 2013 at the University of Bonn.

Cold chain management has become more and more important in national and international supply chain management strategies.

The key objectives of cold chain management are to ensure food quality and safety of perishable food products while food waste is minimized and all logistic processes are optimized. The scope of cold chain management ranges over the whole supply chain, from production to consumption.

Thereby the implementation of innovative technologies and methods to monitor quality and safety parameters from production to consumption is of vital importance. This includes methods and models to assess and to prolong shelf life, like predictive food and risk models, new sensor technologies, and intelligent packaging solutions.

Since food quality, safety, and shelf life are mainly influenced by environmental conditions during transport and storage, detailed knowledge about the variations in environmental factors, their monitoring, and their influence on the spoilage process are also key aspects of cold chain operations.

For an effective cold chain management system, good analysis and good management of the generated data and information are very important for the decision-making processes of companies, which are still a great challenge for all stakeholders.

Because of by short shelf life times of perishable products and the high energy consumption in cold chains, aspects like food waste and resource management have to be included in common cold chain management strategies, from production to consumption.


6th Cold Chain Management-Conference was a great success.
Publications and pictures are coming soon ...