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Publications of the 4th Int. Workshop

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New sensor technologies to control the cold chain

Chairman: Prof. Dr. D. Haarer, University of Bayreuth, DE


Local logistical management in the cold food supply chain by using intelligent packing devices
Dr. P. V. Bartels (Wageningen University and Research Centre, NL)


RFID proactive cold chain: preventing loss by continuous pallet-level online temperature monitoring with low-power RFID sensor tags
H. Vagts (Fraunhofer Institute of Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation IOSB, DE)


Pasteur: Perishable monitoring through smart tracking of lifetime and quality by RFID
M. H. M. Vollebregt (Wageningen University and Research Centre, NL)


Cold chain monitoring by Time Temperature Indicators

Chairman: Prof. Dr. R. Stamminger, University of Bonn, DE


Hostorical review and state of the art in Time Temperature Integrator (TTI) technology for the management of the cold chain or refrigerated and frozen foods
Prof. Dr. P. Taoukis (National Technical University of Athens, GR)


A new time-temperature indicator based on high-viscosity liquids
Dr. M. Maschietti (University of Rome, IT)


Web 2.0 based software solution to support a practical implementation of Time Temperature Indicators
V. Raab (University of Bonn, DE)


Temperature controlled logistic

Chairman: Dr. V. Juneja, USDA-Agriculture Research Service, US


Evaluating the key factors in physical distribution of cold chain
G. B. Da Silva (Centro Federal de Educacao Technológica do Rio de Janeiro, BR)


Supervision of banana transport by the intelligent container
Dr. R. Jedermann (University of Bremen, DE)


Investigating causes of high temperature in the international cut flower cold supply chain
M. Kockelkoren (Verdict Systems BV, NL)


Temperature monitoring of non-actively cooled pharmaceutical trans- portation
S. A. Mousavi (DHL Solutions and Innovations, DE


Efficient remote monitoring and control of the cold chain of food and pharmaceuticals food safety and preventing maintenance systems
Dr. G. Zeidler  (University of California, USA)


Application of shelf life and risk models in food supply chains

Chairman: Prof. Dr. P. Taoukis, University of Athens, GR


Hazards associated with Clostridium perfringens in particular reference to predictive models applicable to cooling of cooked meat and poultry products
Dr. V. Juneja (USDA-Agricultural Research Service, US)


Conceptual models for safe heating and cooling in the catering supply chains
Dr. T. Beck Hansen (National Food Institute, DK)


Operation of field trials and follow up activities to test of technologies to improve quality, safety and traceability in fish supply chains
T. Haflidason (University of Iceland, IS)


Aspects of CCM in private households and supply chains

Chairman: Prof. Dr. R. Stamminger, University of Bonn, DE


Cold storage in private households: recommendations and consumer real life behaviour
J. Geppert (University of Bonn, DE)


Addressing short term heat peaks on the shelf life of mince meat
Dr. K. Schmidt (University of Bonn, DE)


Cold Chain under control – from start to finish   
S. Handley (Linde Gas, DE)


Packaging solutions and cooling technologies

Chairman: Prof. Dr. B. Petersen, University of Bonn, DE


Effect of argon-enriched-atmospheres on thespoilage process of modified atmosphere packaged poultry
U. List (VION Fresh Meat GmbH, DE)


Packaging strategies for normal and DFD  Maronesa beef
Dr. C. Saraiva (University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro, PT)


Approaches to increase the sensitivity of miniaturized ethylene concentration measurements systems in the fresh fruit chain
A. Sklorz (University of Bremen, DE)


Cold chain technologies and packaging solutions

Chairman: Prof. Dr. B. Kunz, University of Bonn, DE


Packaging design for chilled products
Dr. K. Müller (Fraunhofer Institute of Material  Development, DE)


Humidity packages containing sodium chloride as active substance for packaging of fresh rare agricus mashrooms
Dr. P. Singh (Fraunhofer Institute of Process Engineering and Packaging, DE)


Closure of the workshop


The cold chain management network
PD Dr. J. Kreyenschmidt (FH-Münster, DE)



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6th Cold Chain Management-Conference was a great success.
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